Do you sometimes feel like you have lost your way, and would just like some reassurance you are on the right path?

Perhaps looking for guidance on a decision you need to make, and not sure where to look for advice?

Simply want some daily inspiration at the beginning or end of the day?

If the above sounds like you, then read on…

Whether you have horses in your life or not, there is no doubt that when you are in the presence of these wonderful creatures, there is a power and confidence that you can’t help but be in awe of.

Horses and humans have been by each other’s side throughout history, their bond is something which is unique in nature.

“Yeah, mine has just arrived!! Thank you Rachael, they are beautiful – I love the pack design & everything about them. Looking forward to getting to know & use them over the coming year ahead. Great job!!”

Debbie Reilly

“Actually these cards are worth so much more than their monetary value! They are breathtakingly amazing, especially when you need guidance.”

Wendy Price

Rachael Beesley is an Equine Intuitive, she has been blessed with a special gift where she not only understands this connection between equine and human, but has the ability to strengthen the bond by communicating with a horse and relaying messages to their owners and other humans they feel a connection with.

The result is something completely astounding. She is able to tap into the highly intuitive nature of a horse, and use their profound wisdom to improve lives by giving comfort, guidance and inspiration.

For the first time, Rachael has harnessed the healing nature and spirituality of these incredible creatures

in the form of an exclusive 44-card deck and accompanying guidebook.

“These cards are truly beautiful. I am lucky enough to have a pack and so recommend them if they call you!”

Lesley Holyoake

I already have a set and it’s fantastic, my friends are loving them too. Thank you so much Equisentient Coaching for all the love and care you put into these wonderful cards and book, and thank you to the horses too.”

Ari Rox

Each card depicts a photo of a wild horse or horses who roam free at the Return to Freedom sanctuary in California, and Rachael has recounted a reading from each horse to provide an accompanying message.

The cards can be used on a daily basis, or just when the need arises. Each message provides multi-layered answers which can be used time and again to help you move forward in your life.

The coaching cards are available to order as a first edition NOW for just £19.99!

Have fun, explore the comfort these wonderful horses bring, invite the power and insight of the wild horse into your life and marvel at the results.

And as a thank you to the horses who participated in the creation of these cards, we’re donating 40% of the net profits of any card deck or print sold to the Return to Freedom sanctuary.

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“I’ve just pulled my second card from the deck and had to write to share how wonderful they are! I love the packaging – the fit, the design, the quality, it’s clearly been well thought through and they’re exquisite. The photography is spectacular, the intensity of the cards is stunning and the wording is so profound. The advice was brilliant, spot on for what I was feeling and I listened in the way you would a wise teacher – and as I have before with equine guided experiences – where you really hear what’s being said because of its sheer relevance and because it commands that respect. The depth and wisdom of these horses, it’s like you’re embraced by the herd, beautiful! Thank you”

Jo Courtney

Kent, UK

Oh, and did we mention that Rachael also undertakes one-to-one remote readings via the telephone?

If you are the owner or regular rider of a horse, then why not get in touch to see how Rachael can help…

Have you ever wondered what your horse is thinking? Would you love to know if they are happy? Want to ask them if there’s anything they’d change about their life?

Or is there a pony from your childhood, or a horse that has passed that you’d like to reconnect with?  To have the opportunity to resolve issues that may have been left unsettled, to exchange messages that were never said, or to get their guidance on current events?

If so, then Rachael can help you answer these questions. Simply add to the basket (you can choose from a half hour introduction or a one-hour in-depth session), and Rachael will be in touch to arrange your special one-to-one consultation.

Or why not purchase this wonderfully unique and special experience as a present for your nearest and dearest? It’s a fantastic and personal gift which will benefit both equine and human as a result.

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