Rachael loves enabling a clear and meaningful conversation between you and your horse; connecting intuitively with them to accurately share their outlook on life to deepen your understanding of each other and often yourself.  Rachael is able to connect with ancestral wisdom as well as those that have passed, sharing their messages with you.

As an animal intuitive she is also able to connect with other animals and is often called upon to read for a client’s horses, cats and dogs.

What kind of issues can a Reading & Coaching Call help with?

What sort of information do the animals give?

Read 5* Client Reviews on @EquisentientCoaching and via the testimonials page of the website. To book a session please select from the services available below. Upon confirmation of your booking, we will be in touch to arrange your call. Please have a headshot photo of your horse, or pony (no other animals or people in the photo please) ready to email.

Working remotely from her home in Kent (in the UK), Rachael gains rapport and a unique connection with your horse – or animal – almost instantaneously from their photograph.

You can expect insights and feedback from them alongside a sensitive, empowering coaching session all in one; taking your partnership to a whole new level of connected understanding and respect for each other. You will leave your call truly understanding their point of view, with clarity about the here and now as well as their guidance on how to navigate the next few steps forward.

How does a Reading & Coaching Call affect your relationship?

How do you know it’s your animal?

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Remote Reading & Coaching Call


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Gift Vouchers are available for as little as £5, up to any amount you wish to purchase, in denominations of £5 (ie. £5, £10 or £25+). They can be offset against the full value of any of my services. Why not treat a friend to this unique and special experience? Or, if you’d love to connect with your own horse in this way, simply suggest the Gift Vouchers to anyone asking what you’d like this year. We’ll even post £10+ Gift Vouchers for you, for free, to any UK address.